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About Schooners

The Chase Family has owned and operated Schooners for over 30 years.

Raymond (Moose) and his wife Jacqui Chase have been in the restaurant business for decades. Just over 30 years ago they started their own restaurant in the seaside peninsula of Hull, Massachusetts. After a stint in the original location, Moose and Jacqui moved their business to the current location across from the famous Nantasket Beach.

Their business was a huge success not only for locals, but for thousands of visitors that came to the beach each summer. Schooners built a reputation for consistent quality food with outstanding service. From fisherman's platters to pub pizza, they offered as many varieties of dishes as one could possibly crave. Schooners is a very beach casual restaurant, but serves some amazing daily specials and high end chef created dishes at very reasonable prices.

Schooner's clam chowder has won dozens of competitions locally and is highly sought after by returning visitors each year. The restaurant is open 7 days a week all year long. They are only closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Today the family tradition continues as Moose and Jacqui's twin daughters Katelyn and Jacqulyn have started to take over many of the day to day operations of the business.

Schooner's is also known for their outstanding commitment to their community thru their support of local teams, organizations, and individuals who have counted on Schooner's generosity to help them grow and achieve success.


Our vision

To offer high quality food at an affordable price while providing outstanding service to our customers.

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