Schooner's is like my second family. It's the place where everyone knows your name. People who care about you and most of all, great food.

Sundays at the bar with a Bloody Mary watching the game, and  snacking on the best pizza in town is the set up for a perfect day.

I love Schooners!

Midge Lawlor, Photographer

My husband and I love to take a ride to Nantasket Beach once in a while to get away from the hot woods of Pembroke. Our first time at Schooner's was one to remember. Our first five minutes felt like we were being welcomed into someone's home. The staff now calls us on a first name basis and knows exactly how we want our drinks every time.

We feel like we have known this place all of our lives. Don't miss their prime rib, it goes fast, but for good reason.

Thank you Schooner's.


Tim Barkley, Manager